Monday, March 7, 2011

IPSC Equipment: What Is Your Value Perspective?

If you were to browse my blog articles, it would seem that I am hellbent on sourcing cheaper merchandise, and have an aversion for the established brands. This is not true. If any of you have been to business school (actually it is common sense), you will be familiar with this formula:

Value = Benefits - Costs

So the ubiquitous term, value added, is simply the benefits (less the costs) as experienced by you. What this means is that we all place different values on different items. I may choose to have the best firearm money can buy, yet I may not see the value in using a top of the line competition rig. You need to determine for yourself, how you will derive the maximum value, with limited resources.

When I determine value, not only do I factor in the price, but I also look at the ease of acquisition (shipping and payment options), local availablity, product support, item quality and ultimately, what am I looking to achieve. Sometimes the established brands are not always the best options.

Anyway, it is a simple framework to use when evaluating your options.
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