Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPSC Equipment: The Brass Bag for Expended Ammo Casings

Okay, so many of you may not be using a pouch to gather your used casings, because you aren't reloading .... yet. Well the time will come when you need to control the quality of your loads, as well as the cost. When that time arrives you will probably want a pouch to store your used casings. I mean you hardly want to throw them in with your other equipment.

If you purchased the correct range bag from the start, then you would have received a "Brass Bag" with your purchase; problem solved. If you didn't, like most of us, then you need to look for alternatives. Brass bags can be bought as after-market extras, and are usually around $8-12 a unit. But beware, some of them have really shoddy quality.

Yes, this branded unit from Competitive Edge Dynamics, lasted all of two outings and then tore apart. A Brass Bag consists of a mesh base, to allow for the dust, soil or any other particles to escape; as well as a drawstring and a metal clip, to help attach the unit to your range bag. If the unit is poorly made, it will not withstand the weight of the brass, and will easily tear. As was the case with this unit.

A bit disappointing as I expected more from the brand. I guess I was wrong. 

So it meant that once again, I had to source a better unit. It so happened, by chance, that a really nice unit is made in Canada, by Shooters Gear. Obviously these guys had experienced similar problems because, although the unit is about double the price ($17.00), they have addressed all the weaknesses.

The drawstring section, which is the part that easily tears, is made of the same strong material as the rest of the bag. Also, it has a gigantic clip to attach to your range bag.

It is also slightly bigger than the usual Brass Bags, and has the mandatory mesh bottom. In my opinion; so far the best Brass Bag on the market.

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