Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Benchmarking: Who do you benchmark yourself against?

How good are you actually? Do you benchmark yourself against your local peers? Do you strive for a Provincial/State ranking, or do you look further afield, like National or International?

I know we all strive to improve, and we do this by comparing ourselves to our immediate peers. It's important to know how we rank. That's why Qualifier and Slot matches always get a better turn out than regular club matches; rankings. But what about the 15% or so, of serious competitors? Is a Provincial ranking important? Not really, because you get to compete at a Provincial and National level anyway, regardless. And it's really your National ranking that counts, if you're interested in seeing how you stack up against the country's best. But what if you want to benchmark yourself against the world's best? Well, you could shoot a World Championship, and deduce your ranking from that. But if you're not talented enough to earn a slot at the World Shoot, don't panic, a new service is at hand.
Recently I came across a site that is attempting to rank IPSC and USPSA competitors, using past performance. It has potential, and certainly provides a service that has been lacking. It's called IPSCRating.com. Take a look, you may be humbled. If you don't find your name on the list, it means, quite simply, you don't shoot enough Level III matches.
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