Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Premier Match: The Brooks Annual 32 Special

If you are a regular competitor on the IPSC Alberta circuit, and you didn't choose to attend the Brooks Annual 32 Special, you need to have your head read, or you're just a party pooper, because this is a premier event.

Until recently, this was an event that was included in the "official" list of matches. But for reasons only known to them, our elected officials decided Brooks wasn't "playing ball", and so they were taken off the 2013 match schedule. It was a bullshit decision, no doubt, and everybody knows it.
However, the goods news is that Brooks has forged ahead, and continues to add value to the sport on there own. This past weekend they hosted their annual 32 Special, and it was fantastic (check out the video below), as usual. But they went even further than usual. There was a prize table on both days of the competition, consisting of all sorts of goodies, including handguns.

Also, a big plus is the addition of a "Shooting House"; a house like structure that we can use for all sorts of scenarios, and a first in Alberta. Excellent stuff, and I look forward to helping shoot it to pieces. Here's one that gets used extensively in Utah, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyway, guys, you make me proud. Keep up the good work. I also, very much, enjoyed the BBQ on the Saturday night, which gave us the opportunity to socialise. Nice stuff. Also, thanks to the hardworking crew, who kept the quality of the match high (I couldn't fault anything), as well as the sponsors.
If any of you want to know if my shooting skills have improved, just have a look at some of my earlier videos ... lol.
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