Friday, July 26, 2013

Part II: Documentation Requirements

First things first. You'll need to have an Approved ATF Form 6NIA. This is basically a document that you complete, and submit to the US Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), where they presumably conduct a background check. If you are approved, the same form is returned to you, with Approved endorsed thereon. You can get a copy of the Form 6NIA by following the link.


Now, in order for your Form 6 application to be successful, you will need a few things. If it is for a specific match, you will need to submit a Match Invitation with the application. This you can get from the Match Director. But then be warned, your Form 6 may only be approved for the match. If you are a regular competitor, you would be better off submitting the appropriate support documents, to get approval for 12 months. What I do is submit my USPSA membership and credentials, as well as a hunting license from a US State. This allows me to get a 12 month approval. I know it has been suggested that the hunting license requirement has fallen away, but until the Form changes, I continue to follow the old process. The best place for an online hunting license is Alaska. A small game license is US$20. Of course, to shoot any matches larger than a club match, you will require a USPSA membership. This is easy to acquire, and can be done online.

Once you have your USPSA membership and your hunting license, you can submit your Form 6 application, along with a copy of your PAL (If you're Canadian). It is always better to submit enough supporting documents, to assist your application. Send the application via fax. The number is listed on the Form 6, and remember to provide a return fax number. The process usually takes a couple of weeks, but can take as long as 6-8 weeks. So plan in advance.
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