Monday, July 15, 2013

US Firearms Components Export Value Amended For Canadians

The fact that firearm enthusiasts couldn't import certain firearm components, merely because the value exceeded US$100, has always been the bane of their existence. This has always created the situation where you had to either pay exorbitant export licensing fees, or ludicrously inflated prices.
I mean, who hasn't been faced with a dealer restriction as follows:
"Overseas orders please note that firearm parts on orders over $100.00 may also require import and export licenses for overseas orders."
Well, things are about to change. The long awaited amendment is now official, and I have included links to the official paperwork to confirm this.
It would be in you interests to keep a copy of the paperwork, as I am sure it will take time for this amendment to filter through to dealers and border personnel alike.
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